The Early Video Project

We thought it would be most interesting if we ran this list in chronological order rather than the usual alphabetical by author's last name order. This way we can more easily see just how the course of video and video writing developed over the early years and, importantly, who was writing when, and what, or whom, they were writing about.

There are some surprises. The artist most cited in the time period under discussion was Dan Graham with ten articles. Nam June Paik and Bruce Nauman ran second, with six articles each. Douglas Davis wrote five articles and was the subject of four. David Hall was one of the most prolific video writers with his numerous articles in Studio International.

Of the magazines themselves, Arts Magazine did us proud with 37 articles, followed by Artforum and Studio International with 36 each. So much for score-keeping.

This list of periodicals is compiled from several sources: The Art Index, of course, and Peggy Gale's fine bibliography which appeared in Video by Artists in 1976, plus a list that I began compiling in 1981. It is by no means complete. Missing are the many fine articles which appeared in weekly magazine and newspapers (some perhaps lost to us now), and also the many catalogs which were published in those years. We will attempt to gather as many of them as we can.

Monthly Periodicals 1963-1980


Joe Raffaele. "Nauman." Art News. Summer 1967.

"Aldo Tambellini/Black: Discussed By Seven Men In Conversation." Arts Canada. October 1967.

Elsa Tambellini. "Electromedia: A Movement." Arts Canada. November 1967.

Douglas Davis. "Art & Technology." Art in America, January 1968

"Conversation On Electronics And Black TV, With Aldo Tambellini." Arts Canada. April 1968.

Jud Yalkut. "The Art And Technology Of Nam June Paik." April 1968.

Otto Piene. "Mother, Turn Off the Picture." Arts Canada, June 1968.

Paul Ryan. "Videotape - Thinking About a Medium." Media and Methods, December 1968.

Les Levine. "For Immediate Release." Art and Artists, May 1969.

John S. Margolies. "TV - The Next Medium." Art in America, September 1969.

Paul Ryan. "The Raw And The Overcooked." Media and Methods, October 1969.

Paul Ryan. "Videotape And Special Education." Audiovisual Instruction, November 1969.

Logan Smiley. "Film/Tape: in the 70s." Print. January 1970.

Karl Stankiewicz. "Computerschreibt Bildmusik (Fachtagung in München: Fernsehen Entwickelt Neue Kunstformen." Kunstwerk, February 1970.

Willoughby Sharp. "Nauman Interview." Arts Magazine, March 1970.

Willoughby Sharp. "Terry Fox: Elemental Gestures." Avalanche, April 1970.

Robert Pincus -Witten."Keith Sonnier: Exhibition At Castelli Warehouse." Artforum, May 1970.

Joseph E. Young. "Los Angeles, Bruce Nauman Exhibition At The Nicholas Wilder Gallery." Art International, Summer 1970.

Peter Plagens. "Keith Sonnier: Exhibition At Ace Gallery." Artforum, October 1970.

Logan Smiley. "Film/Tape: The New York School." Print.July 1970.

Marcia Tucker. "PheNAUMANology." Artforum, September 1970.

Logan Smiley. "TV: The Coming Cassette Revolution." Print. September 1970.

Jud Yalkut. "TV As A Creative Medium at Howard Wise Gallery." Arts Magazine, September 1969.

Willoughby Sharp. "Body Works." Avalanche, Fall 1970.

Alex Madsen. "The Third Revolution." Sight and Sound, Winter 1970.



Bruce Nauman. "Interview." Avalanche, Winter, 1971.

Terry Fox. "I Wanted My Mood to Affect their Looks." Avalanche, Winter 1971.

William Wegman. "Shocked and Outraged." Avalanche, Winter 1971.

Klaus Jurgen-Fischer. "Identifikationen: Gerry Schums Zweite Fernschschau." Kunstwerk. January 1971.

Charles Harrison. "Art on TV." Studio International. January 1971.

Jerome Tarshis. "San Francisco." Artforum, February 1971.

Paul Morrisey and Derek Hill. "Andy Warhol As A Filmaker: A Discussion Between Paul Morrisey And Derek Hill." Studio International, February 1971.

Tommaso Trini. "Di Videotape In Videotappa: Note Sui Primi Esperimenti Televisivi Da Parte Degli Artisti." Domus. February 1971

Melinda Terbell. "Los Angeles." Arts Magazine, April 1971.

Chloe Aaron."Video Underground."Art in America. May 1971.

David Bourdon. "Warhol as Filmmaker." Art in America, May 1971.

Carel Blotkamp. "Dutch Artists on Television." Studio International, June 1971

Tommaso Trini. "Galleria dell' Obelisco, Roma." Domus, June 1971

Richard Serra. "Statements." Artforum, September 1971.

John A. Whitney. "Computer Art for the Video Picture Wall." Art International, Sep;tember 1971.

Cindy Nemser. "Subject-Object Body Art." Arts Magazine, September/October 1971.

.M. F. dell'Arco "Art Video Recording." Art International, October 1971.

Kenneth Baker. "Keith Sonnier at the Modern." Artforum, October 1971.

Michael Goldberg. "Dear editor: artists have found in small format videotape a new medium for creative expression." Artscanada, October 1971.

George Jappe. "Projection: A New Trend at Prospect '71." Studio International, December 1971.

Roger Greenspun. "Film: Videotape Program At The Whitney." New York Times, December 10, 1971.

George C. Stoney. "Mirror machine: videotape and cable TV." Sight & Sound, Winter 1971.-72.

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"Video News." Architectural Design, January 1972.

David Katzive. "Museums Enter the Video Generation." Museum News, January 1973.

Fred Barzyk. "TV as art as TV." Print, January 1972.

Michael Shamberg. "Guerrilla Television." Print. January 1972.

Peter Plagens. "Terry Fox: The Impartial Nightmare." Artforum, February 1972.

Klaus U. Reinke. "Video Artists." Studio International, February 1972.

Wolfgang Becker. "Manhattan Ende 1971." Kunstwerk, March 1972.

"Video Experiments." Print, March 1972.

Patricia Sloan. "Video Revolution." Art & Artists, March 1972.

Gregory Battcock. "Greening of Television and the Aesthetics of Boeing" Domus, April 1972.

Douglas Davis. "Video Obscura." Artforum, April 1972.

Dan Graham. "Eight Pieces By Dan Graham 1966-1972." Studio International, May 1972.

Peter M. Lewis. "Video." Architectural Design, May 1972.

Robert Pincus-Witten. "Keith Sonnier: Video And Film As Color-Field." Artforum, May 1972.
Willoughby Sharp and Liza Béar. "Rumbles." Avalanche, Spring 1972.

Jonathan Price. "Videopioneers - From Banality to Beauty - TV As A New Form of Visual Art." Harpers Magazine, June 1972.

D. Zack. "Guerrilla Television By Michael Shamberg: Review." Art & Artists, July 1972.

Willoughby Sharp and Liza Béar. "Rumbles." Avalanche, Summer 1972.

Reneé Baert. "Video Recycled." Artscanada, October 1972.

Willard Van de Bogart. "Environmental Media Art." Arts Magazine, September/October 1972.

Jan Dawson. "Other Channel." Sight & Sound, Autumn 1972.

Vito Acconci. "Concentration - Container - Assimilation." Avalanche, Fall 1972.

Vito Acconci. "Body as Place - Moving in on Myself." Avalanche, Fall 1972.

Vito Acconci. "Peopled Space - Performing Myself Through Another Agent." Avalanche, Fall 1972.

Vito Acconci. "Occupied Zone - Moving in, Performing on Another Agent." Avalanche, Fall 1972.

Mark Hinshaw. "Making the Medium Accessible." Architectural Design, November 1972.

Bob Jardine & Mike Hickle. "Some Ideas about Video and Community TV." Architectural Design, November 1972.

Bruce Kurtz. "Video is Being Invented." Arts Magazine, December 1972.

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Liza Béar. "Man Ray Do You Want To...: An Interview with William Wegman." Avalanche, Winter 1973.

April Kingsley. "Videocassettes Exhibited at Leo Castelli Gallery." Art International, January, 1973.

J. Reichardt. "Video." Architectural Design, 1973.

"Dan Graham: I/eye." Domus, February 1973.

Gregory Battcock. "Explorations in Video." Art & Artists, February 1973.

Constance de Jong. "Joan Jonas: Organic Honey's Vertical Roll." Arts Magazine, March 1973.

Rosetta Brooks. "Identifications at the Hayward Gallery: review." Studio International, April 1973.

Bruce Boice. "Lynda Benglis at Paula Cooper Gallery." Artforum, May 1973.

Bruce Kurtz. "Fields: Peter Campus." Arts Magazine, May 1973.

George Jappe "Gerry Schum." Studio International, May 1973.

"The Old Grey Whistle Test." Studio International, May 1973.

Bruce Kurtz "Fields: Peter Campus." Arts Magazine, May 1973.

Malcom Le Grice. "Vision." Studio International, January, February, March, April, May 1973.

Donald Brook. "Idea Demonstrations: Body Art and "Video Freaks" in Sydney." Studio International, June 1973.

Axel Madsen. "Video." Sight & Sound, Summer 1973.

Jeffrey Altshuler. "Film/TV: Electronic Editing." Print, July 1973.

Douglas Davis. "Filmgoing/Videogoing: Making Distinctions." Vision News, August 1973.

Robert Morris. "Exchange '73: From a Videotape by Robert Morris." Avalanche, Summer/Fall 1973.

A. Reveaux. "Technologies for the Demystification of Cinema." Film Quarterly, Fall 1973.

John Perrault. "Para-Television Daydreams." Village Voice, October 11, 1973.

Robert Pincus-Witten. "Theatre of the Conceptual: Autobiography and Myth." Artforum, October 1973.

The October 1973 issue of Artscanada was entirely given over to video art, and contained some excellent photographs as well as text. Subject was mainly, though not entirely, Canadian video, of course. In the photographs and illustrations one can get a very good sense of the type and breadth of aesthetic dimension that was evolving around video art.

Joyce Zemans."N.E.Thing Co. Ltd." Artscanada, October 1973.

Robert Arn "Form and Sense of Video" Artscanada, October 1973.

Robert Arn "Michael Snow and video: the archeology of image." Artscanada, October 1973.

G. Lee-Nova & A. Rizutis. "Hybrid." Artscanada, October 1973.

Carol Zemel . "Women and Video." Artscanada, October 1973.

Elsa Tambellini. "Cats." Artscanada, October 1973.

David Ross. "Paik/Gillette/Downey: Process and Ritual." Artscanada, October 1973.

Gerry Gilbert & Taki Bluesinger. "Vancouver: Videofree Rainforest." Artcanada, October 1973.

Fujiko Nakaya. "Tokyo: Video Hiroba." Artscanada, October 1973.

Joe Bodolai. "Toronto: Joe Bodolai Interviews." Artscanada, October 1973.

Garry Neill Kennedy. "Video at NSCAD." Artscanada, October 1973.

Gerry Zeldin. "Way of the Tube." Artscanada, October 1973.

Bruce Parsons. "Listening to VTR." Artscanada, October 1973.

Elke Hayden & Ed Fitzgerald. "Video Ring." Artscanada, October 1973.

Joe Bodolai & Isobel Harry. "Montreal: Decentralization of Visual Production." Artscanada, October 1973.


Russell Connor. "A is for Art, C is for Cable." American Film Institute Quarterly, Fall 1973.

Michael T. Kaufman. "When Festival is 10, It Is Avant-Garde." New York Times, December 10, 1973.

Bernard Borgeaud. "Cinéma et Vidéo." XX Siécle, December 1973.

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Peter Weibel. "Zur Philosophie von VT & VTR." Heute Kunst, December 1973-February 1974.

Frank Gillette. "Difference And Resemblance: Precis For Track/Trace, A Video Work By Frank Gillette." Design Quarterly, January 1974.

Thomas Albirght. "Terry Fox." Art in America, January 1974.

James Minton. "Melchert and Glassman." Artweek, February 9, 1974.

Regina Cornwell. "XII Bienal de São Paulo: A Prototype for Vaudeville." Studio International, March 1974.

Alan Moore. "Dennis Oppenheim at 112 Greene Street." Artforum, April 1974.

Noël Carroll. "Joan Jonas: Making the Images Visible." Artforum, April 1974.

Vicky Alliata. "Videoconferenza al MOMA." Domus, April 1974.

L.A. Mannheim. "Television Still Pictures." Camera, April 1974.

Robert Pincus-Witten. "Nam June Paik at the Bonino Gallery." Artforum, April 1974.

Robert Pincus-Witten. "Open Circuits: The Future of Television." Artforum, April 1974.

Roberta Smith. "William Wegman at Sonnebend Gallery; Dennis Oppenheim Exhibition at John Gibson Gallery." Artforum, May 1974.

Jole de Sanna. "Artvideotape: Does it Work?" Domus, May 1974.

"Fotomedia [al Museum am Ostwall di Dortmund]." Domus, May 1974.

Eric Cameron. "Videotape and the University Art Programme." Studio International, June 1974.

Alan Moore. "Peter Campus, Andy Mann, Ira Schneider, Tom Marioni At The Everson Museum Of Art, Syracuse." Artforum, June 1974.

James Collins. "Hannah Wilke at Ronald Feldman Gallery." Artforum, June 1974.

Alan Kaprow. "Video Art: Old Wine, New Bottle." Artforum, June 1974.

Roberta Smith. "Douglas Davis at the Fischbach Gallery." Artforum, June 1974.

Douglas Davis. "Public Art: The Taming of the Vision." Art in America, June 1974.

R. Eaton. "Film in the Cities. Design Quarterly 1974.

L. Marcorelles. "Leacock at M.I.T." Sight & Sound, Spring 1974.

J. Klepp et al. "Public Service Video." Design Quarterly, 1974

C.Harrison. "Projekt '74: review." Studio International, September. 1974.

Malcom Le Grice. "Vision." Studio International, November 1974.

T. del Renzo. "TV Aesthetic." Art & Artists, November 1974.

Jennifer Oille."Video Politic." Art & Artists, November. 1974.

Clive Robertson. "W.O.R.K.S. in Progress." Art & Artists, November 1974.

Douglas Davis. "Letter." Artforum, November 1974.

Allan Kaprow. "Letter." Artforum, November 1974.

Hollis Frampton. "Withering Away of the State of the Art." Artforum, December. 1974

e of Marcel Duchamp's grave on the cover provided a nice art-historical underpinning for this ' issue of video art'.

Shigeko Kubota."Video Poems." Arts Magazine, December 1974.

Eric Cameron. "The Grammer of the Video Image." Arts Magazine, December 1974.

Nam June Paik & Paul Schimmel. "Abstract Time." Arts Magazine, December 1974.

Terry Fox. "Children's Tapes." Arts Magazine, December 1974.

David Ross. "Douglas Davis: Video Against Video." Arts Magazine, December 1974.

Dan Graham "Two Consciousness Projection(s)." Arts Magazine, December 1974.

Hermine Freed. "Video and Abstract Expressionism." Arts Magazine, December 1974.

Joel W. Grossman & Lynn Kohl "Xochicalco." Arts Magazine, December 1974.

Bob and Ingrid Wiegand. "Video Time in Walter." Arts Magazine, December 1974.

Russell Connor. "The Video Window of Davidson Gigliotti." Arts Magazine, December 1974.

Victor Sullivan. "Electron/Organism." Arts Magazine, December 1974.


Rosetta Brooks. "The Artist's Use of Video." Flash Art, December 1974.

"Video vincit." Art Journal, Winter 1974.-1975.

Judy Hoffman, Lily Olliger, Anda Korsts. "Chicago Women's Video Festival." Women and Film, 1974.

Kyoko Michishita. "Tokyo - New York Video Express." Women and Film, 1974.

Pat Sullivan. "The 2nd Annual Women's Video Festival." Women and Film, 1974.

Richard Lorber. "Epistemological TV." Art Journal, Winter 1974.-1975.

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Jole de Sanna. "Video Against Video." Domus, February 1975..

Jan Butterfield. "Bruce Nauman: The Center of Yourself." Arts Magazine, February 1975.

Cindy Nemser. "Four Artists of Sensuality." Arts Magazine, March 1975.

Maude Lavin. "Notes on William Wegman." Artforum, March 1975.

Peter Plagens. "Wilde about Harry." Artforum, April 1975.

"Artevideo, multivision y fotomedia." Goya, May 1975.

David Ross. "Douglas Davis." Flash Art, May 1975.

Jeffrey Altshuler. "TV: The CMX system 50." Print, May 1975.

"Rotonda della Besana, Milan." Art International, May 1975.

David Hall."Video Show (at the Serpentine Gallery: review." Art & Artists, May 1975.

Pierre Restany. "Video 1975: l'immense et fragile espoir d'un art populaire pour l'an 2000." Domus, June 1975.

Hermine Freed."In time, of time: the necessarily works in and of time." Arts Magazine, June 1975.

Barbara Radice. "Story Art." Data, June/August 1975.

A. Ade. "Graphic Design in Motion." Novum Gebrauchsgraphik, July 1975..

J. Thiele. "Kunst-Verschnitt, der Kunstfilm im Fernsehen." Kunstwerk, July 1975..

W. Hoover."Video: new tool for landscape design." Landscape Architecture, July 1975.

G. Davies "Video Show (at the Serpentine Gallery): review." Architectural Design, July 1975.

Les Levine. "Camera Art." Studio International, July/August 1975.

"Video: Ritratto di Anna Canepa/Les Levine." Data, July/August 1975.

J. Halas."Graphics in Motion." Novum Gebrauchsgraphik, August 1975..

"La télevision francaise se met a' l'art." Connaisance des Arts, September 1975..

"Dan Graham: Architecture/video projects." Studio International, September 1975

Susan Heinemann. "Douglas Davis; Video Distribution Inc.; Idea Warehouse; Roger Welch, Stefanotty Gallery." Artforum, September 1975.

M. Wortz."Going to a restaurant and eating the menu [Southland video anthology]." Art News, October 1975.

Philip Smith. "Roger Welch and the Sculpture of Memory." Arts Magazine, October 1975.

C. Ferrari. "Arte e mostra: video arte." Casabella, October 1975.

H. Junker."Video Installation: Paul Kos and the sculptured monitor." Arts Magazine, November. 1975.

Max Kozloff. "Pygmalian Reversed." Artforum, November 1975.

R. Mayer."Dan Graham: Past/Present." Art in America, November 1975..

Eric Cameron. "La Vidéographie dans un contexte d'art." Vie des Arts, Fall 1975.

David Antin."Television: Video's Frightful Parent." Artforum, December 1975.

Peter Plagens. "Dan Graham and Mowry Baden, Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles." Artforum, December 1975.

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David Hall. "Video Report." Studio International, January/February 1976.

"Ray Thorburn talks with Keith Sonnier." Art International, January-February 1976.

Peggy Gale. "Lisa Steele: Looking Very Closely." Parachute, January/March 1976.

O.Findsen."Bienal politics: vetoed video and the American protest." Art News, February 1976.

Jane Bell. "Dematerialization of a Museum." Domus, February 1976.

D. Darzacq."Art video: et culture; Maison des arts et de la culture de Créteil." Connaissance des Arts, March 1976.

R. Berger."Art video." Connaissance des Arts, March 1976.

Jonathan Cary. "Eleanor Antin." Arts Magazine, March 1976.

David Hall."Video." Studio International, March 1976.

J. Chittock."Future playback: the new technologies." Sight & Sound, Spring 1976.

Rosalind Krauss. "Video: The Aesthetics of Narcissism." October, Spring 1976.

"Dan Graham: Sperone Westwater Fischer Gallery." Arts Magazine, April 1976.

Nancy Foote. "Dennis Oppenheim, M.L.D'Arc Gallery." Artforum, April 1976.

"Peter Campus: Leo Castelli downtown gallery, New York." Arts Magazine, April 1976.

Tara Collins. "Roger Welch." Arts Magazine, May 1976.

"Nam June Paik: René Block and Bonino Galleries and WNET-TV, New York." Arts Magazine, May 1976.

Lucy Lippard. "The Pains and Pleasures of Rebirth: Women's Body Art." Art in America, May/June 1976.

Barbara Barachs. "Dan Graham, Sperone Westwater Fischer Gallery." Artforum, May 1976.

Richard Goldberg. "Video Art and Cable TV in New York." Studio International, May 1976..

M. Kidel. "Video Art and British TV." Studio International, May 1976..

David Hall "Video: Tamara Krikorian" Studio International, May 1976.

Wulf Herzogenrath."Video Art in West Germany." Studio International, May 1976.

Peggy Gale."Video Art in Canada: four worlds." Studio International, May 1976.

R Kriesche."State of Austrian Video." Studio International, May 1976.

M. Kidel."Video Art and British TV." Studio International, May 1976.

Stuart Marshall."Video Art: the imaginary and the parole vide." Studio International, May 1976.

David Hall."British Video Art: toward and autonomous practice." Studio International, May 1976.

"British video artists: Roger Barnard, David Hall, Brian Hoey, Tamara Krikorian, Mike Leggett, Stuart Marshall, Steve Partridge." Studio International, May 1976

S. Hall & J. Hopkins."Metasoftware of Video." Studio International, May 1976

David Ross."Provisional Overview of Artists Television in the U.S." Studio International, May 1976.

J. Debbaut."Some notes on Video Art in Belgium." Studio International, May 1976.

"Beryl Korot: Dachau." Studio International, May 1976.

H. Reedijk."Video in the Netherlands." Studio International, May 1976.

Harold Rosenberg. "The Mona Lisa Without a Mustache: Art in the Media Age." Art News, May 1976.

J. Perrone. "Ins and Outs of Video." Artforum, June 1976..

K. Jürgen-Fischer."Kunstkritisches Tagebuch XLIX [Kunst in den Medien]." Kunstwerk, July 1976.

Ingrid Wiegand."Video Shock." Print, July 1976.

David Hall."Video." Studio International, July 1976.

Patricia Mollella. "32 Feet Per Second and Within the Nucleus: Video Performance in San Francisco." TeleVisions, Summer 1976.

"Nachtrag zum Thema Fernsehen." Kunstwerk, September 1976.

David Hall."Video." Studio International, September 1976.

Richard Lorber."Doris Chase." Arts Magazine, September 1976.

"Proiezioni su oggetti; un mostra di Fabio Mauri at Milano." Domus, September 1976.

J. Halas."Graphics in Motion." Novum Gebrauchsgraphik, October 1976.

S. Hall."Television and Culture." Sight & Sound, Autumn 1976.

R. Moser."Anti-gravity study: a video work by Nam June Paik." Design Quarterly, No. 101-102

"Dan Graham: environment/time - delayed reflections." Casabella, 1976.

Martha Hawley. "Fandangos Video Interview with Michel Cardena, Warming Up Etc. Company." Fandangos 7, 1976

"Video (Made in N.Y.)" Fandangos 7, 1976.

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Bruce Kurtz."Artists Video at the Crossroads." Art in America,January 1977.

Jonathan Price."Video art: a medium discovers itself." Art News, January 1977.

"Art on TV: an unhappy marriage." Art News, February 1977.

C. L. Morrison."Chicago." Artforum, February 1977.

"Shigeko Kubota: René Block Gallery, New York." Arts Magazine, February, 1977.

"Video from outside: M. L. D'Arc Gallery, New York." Arts Magazine, February, 1977.

"Earth, Mars, Moon and Jupiter: The Kitchen Gallery, New York." Artforum, March 1977.

Roberta Smith "About faces: the new work of Peter Campus." Art in America, March 1977.

F. Huser. "L'art-vidéo: une autocritique formelle." XX Siécle, June 1977.

Wulf Herzogenrath."Video-Kunst [Documenta 6, Kassel]." Kunstwerk, June 1977.

C. Rickey."Nancy Holt: Whitney Museum of American Art, New York." Arts Magazine, November 1977.



Oddly enough, there are no major video articles listed for 1978 in any of the usual sources. It almost seems as though there was an agreement among art publishers that video had, for that year at least, had enough ink already.



M. Stofflet-Santiago. "Source Book of Video Literature." Artweek, January, 27, 1979.

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"Faster process for video news films closes time gap with ENG." American Cinema, February 1979.

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