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Early Video Community Photo Album

Nam June and Shigeko in South Beach, 1996. photo: DG; Beryl Korot at the NoHo Star, 1999. photo:DG Skip Blumberg in his studio, 1999. photo:DG.

David Cort at Shirley Clarke's Memorial, 1997; photo: Bart Friedman; Bart Friedman , 2001; Carol Vontobel in Phoenicia, N.Y., 1999. photo:DG

Frank Cavestani, Los Angeles, 1999; Nancy Cain working, L.A. 1999; Curtis Ratcliff, Venice, Italy, 1999. photo: DG.

Pedro Lujan in his studio, 1999, photo:DG; Parry Teasdale in Phoenicia, 1999, photo:DG; Paul Ryan on Wooster Street, SoHo, 2000, photo:DG.

Ira Schneider,Berlin, 2000, photo:?; Frank Gillette in his studio, 1999, photo:DG; Ken Marsh, 1999.

Russell Connor in his studio, 2000, photo: dg; Laura Kronenberg (Cavestani) in her office, 2000, photo: dg; Jud Yalkut digitally enhanced, 1999.

Davidson in Frank Gillette's studio, 1999, photo: Frank Gillette; Gene Youngblood, Santa Fe, 2000, photo: the Vasulkas; Sherry Miller and Ralph Hocking, 1999, photo: Claude Meyer.

Chip Lord, Santa Cruz, 1999; Hudson Marquez in his studio, 1999, photo: Susan Clary; Woody Vasulka, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1999, photo: Steina Vasulka.

Steina in Santa Fe, 2000. Photo by Woody Vasulka?; Doug Davis in performance, Poland, 1999; Willoughby Sharp in a convivial moment, 1999. Photograher unknown.

Lydia Zakin (Silman) at home in New Jersey, 2000. Photo by Noah Zakim; Chi Tien Lui in editing room, 2000. David Hall in Great Chart, Kent, UK, 1999.

Anton Perich, New York, 1999; Fred Barzyk in his studio at WGBH, 1999. DeeDee Halleck in her study, 1999.

Bill Etra, 2001, photo: DG; Peter Bradley at nephew's wedding, 2000. John Reilly at home, 2000.

Prof. Doug Michels explaining the Universe, 2001, Prof. Chuck Kennedy explaining the patch panel, 2001, photo:DG Allon Schoener, 2001, standing on his porch in Hudson, NY., photo: DG

Jack Moore of Paris and Amsterdam, 2001, photo:DG; Aldo Tambellini, Venice, Italy, Sept. 2002, photo:DG; Bob Harris, New York, Spring 2002, photo:DG


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